About us

Who is Electra?


She is essentially you, the sophisticated woman, who is fully aware of her distinctive personality and her feminine power! Her stylish adventures always end up to owning the ultimate footwear! “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world” said Marilyn and Electra listened!

So we came up with an essential sandal collection dedicated to all Electras around the world, which is inspired from our ancient Greek fashion heritage and approached with a mainstream twist, that will rock your fashionable senses!


Discover the collection!


Handcrafted and produced in Athens, Greece, yet addressed to the global fashionista, Electra sandals are created to offer comfortable walking for women, who value the high aesthetic standards in all things!

The Premium Electra is all about leather! The outer sole, as well as the insole, are made of genuine Greek leather of supreme quality, that will feel as your second skin! Everyday luxury is just a step away!

The Comfort Electra boasts the same quality features, but has given emphasis to perfect traction with durable anti-slippery rubber soles, that will totally upgrade your street style level!


Stunning designs, superior fit and unique details will make Electra sandals the staple piece of your wardrobe!

So there is only one question that remains unanswered! Which Electra sandal is your favorite? We dare you to choose!